Cold weather around Avon IN sometimes means snow and ice, which concerns drivers. Icy roads and snowy conditions may compromise safety. Thankfully, tire manufacturers produce winter tires designed to help address the tough road conditions. At Stoops Buick GMC, we can help drivers around Carmel IN make the switch to winter tires.

Winter Tires' Designs

Winter tires, also known as "snow tires," come with a special design intended to improve performance. The tread depth and patterns are different from standard tires, and winter tires work to "bite" better when driving on snow and ice. The design also supports getting rid of extra water from under the tire. Even with snow tires, Indianapolis drivers do need to operate a vehicle carefully in snowy conditions. That said, the tires may provide some necessary help.

Switching the Tires

If your vehicle has all-season tires in place, switching to winter tires may prove advisable as the season changes. If you visit our Buick GMC dealership near Greenwood IN, a service department technician could help you choose the right winter tires for your vehicle. Of course, the team also handles switching and balancing.

Do you need a spare winter tire? The team could help you choose one.

When the winter season ends, bring the car back to the service department. A technician will then switch the winter tires back to the all-season ones. Doing so is important, as winter tires are not intended for driving in warmer seasons.

Checking the Tires

Bringing a vehicle to our dealership to purchase winter tires opens doors to check the old ones for any problems. Are they showing signs of age, treadwear, or leaks? Let a technician determine their condition. Getting a brake inspection might be wise during the tire change, as well.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment without worries. Let our Buick GMC dealership in Plainfield provide you with top winter tires.

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